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-. The 4-day Classical Tour with Meteora
-. The Delphi-Meteora 3-day Tour of Greece
-. The 2-day Tour to Meteora monasteries
-. LEONIDAS Travel Package - 6 days / 5 nights in Greece

Meteora is an area in Thessaly (Central Greece) and Kalampaka is the city under the rock towers of Meteora. The thing that makes Meteora so special is the monasteries on the top of the rock towers. The monasteries, the amound of peaks to climb and the paths for hiking brings in Meteora the whole year many tourists.

tours from Athens to Meteora monasteries

There are many fascinating tours that originate from Athens and visit Meteora. The best seler tour is the 4-day Classical Tour with Meteora.

Historians and geologists started to be interested in the creation of these rocks (Meteora) about 1000 years ago, expressing several theories.

The prevailing theory about Meteora creation, is that one of the German geologist Philipson, who came to Greece in the late 19th century. According to his theory, a large river had his estuary in this area which for million of years was covered by a narrow and deep part of the sea .The river waters place matter, stones and generally several materials that were transferred by its waters at the estuary from Northern parts of primordial central Europe. From the accumulation of these materials deltaic cones were formed.

25-30 million years ago, after some geological changes took place during the centuries, the central part of today’s Europe was lifted. That’s how the opening of Tempi was created ,having as a result the pouring of the waters in today’s Aegean sea.

We offer up to 22% discount on all the tours that we offer. If you are interested mainly in Meteora, then you can take the Delphi-Meteora 3-day Tour of Greece.

During the tertiary period ,at the time of the alpine orogenies, the solid volumes of the “rocks” were cut off from the mountain chain of Pindos that was created and as the centuries went by, the plain of Pinios river was formed between them.

With the continuous corrosion by the wind and the rain as well as by other geological changes, these rocks took their present form through the passing of million of years.

If you can not fit into your schedule the 4-day or 3-day tours to Meteora, then we recommend a shorter tour, the 2-day Tour to Meteora monasteries.

At the cavities, fissures and peaks of Meteora rocks, the people of that place found protection from the raids of several conquerors and of those who passed from the area.

Also, several bold hermits and anchorites found shelter at these rocks, seeking for mental calmness, tranquility and while praying they saught for Christian perfection.

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Today, the tradition of Orthodoxy is continued uninterrupted for over 600 years by the Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoro or (the Transfiguration of Jesust), the Varlaam Monastery, the Saint Stephen Monastery, the Holy Trinity Monastery, the Saint Nicolas Anapafsas Monastery and the Roussano Monastery. All these monasteries are on the top of Meteora rocks.

LEONIDAS Travel Package - 6 days / 5 nights in Greece

The package includes: the "4-day Classical Tour with Meteora" (including 1 night in Olympia, 1 night in Delphi and 1 night in Kalambaka), 2 nights hotel stay in Athens, the half-day Athens Sightseeing Tour, and 2 private transfers. This is a CUSTOMIZABLE Travel Package! You can add more nights at the hotel in Athens!
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Details and photos of the 4-days Classical Tour of Greece with Meteora
4-day Classical Tour with Meteora
Our best seller multi-day tour, it satisfes all your vacation needs! Visiting Epidaurus, Nafplion, Mycenae, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, the breathtaking scenery of Meteora with the majestic Byzantine Monasteries, and many more amazing places in Greece!
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Details and photos of the Delphi-Meteora 3-day Tour of Greece
Delphi-Meteora 3-day Tour of Greece
3 days of magnificent sightseeing in ancient Greece, legendary civilization and an opportunity to discover both Delphi as well as the magic scenery of the Meteora Monasteries!
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2-day Tour to Meteora monasteries
Discover the majestic grey rocks of Meteora with the Byzantine Monasteries! The scenery is breathtaking and you'll love the holy view! Short visit to Delphi on the way & overnight in Kalambaka.
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Details of the two days tour to Meteora monasteries in Greece   Book the 2-days Tour to Meteora monasteries in Greece
Details and photos of the 2-day tour to Meteora monasteries

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